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PLSC-EIFS Passivehouse system

Komponenten-Id: 1465cs03
Hersteller: Shenyang Jianzhu University
Kategorie: Bausystem 
Konstruktions-Typ: Stahlbau 
Fenster: The certification was carried out with the PHI-certified window REHAU GENEO PHZ from REHAU AG + Co, which is a phB-class window with triple 16 mm argon glazing. The window is installed in the graphite-EPS layer and supported by steel anchors. 
Luftdichtheit: Calcium silicate boards are applied on the interior and taped to each other to guarantee the airtightness of the envelope. Gypsum plaster boards are then applied on the silicate ones, to hide the tapes. 
Erläuterung: The construction system is built on reinforced-concrete foundations and supported by a light steel structure (steel stud 90 mm width at 63 cm centres). The connection between foundations and steel structure is secured by M16 bolts placed every meter. The steel structue is enclosed between two OSB layers and surrounded by concrete mixed with EPS-beads (0.14 W/(mK); 400 kg/m3). When the construction is higher than 3 floors, a heavy steel structure (I-beams and columns) is added to support the steel studs frame. This is designed not to interrupt the insulation layer. The structure is calibrated according to need after a load calculation. The details calculated take into account I-beams 500x300 and columns 400x400. The psi-value reported is considered to be on the safe side for cases where a lighter structure will be used. For heavier structures, a new thermal analysis could be necessary. A graphite EPS layer (0.032 W/(mK); 200 mm) is applied on the outside. The insulation layer is fixed through thermal bridge-free anchor bolts made of basalt fibres (BFRP) with PP (30% fiberglass). Their effect has been calculated and is taken into account in the U-value, to the sum of 5/m² according to the information from the manufacturer. Change in the environmental conditions may lead to a variation of the number of bolts needed per m². The roof construction is made by a 300 mm XPS layer (0.038 W/(mK); 30 kg/m3) above a steel frame filled with concrete mixed with EPS-beads (0.14 W/(mK); 400 kg/m3). 
Klimazonen: Kühl-gemäßigt

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