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Attic staircase

Component id: 0836as01
Manufacturer: WIPPRO GmbH
Κατηγορία: Attic Staircase
Material: Timber / Aluminium
UW: 0,34 W/(m2 K)
Climate zones: Aρκτική
Περιγραφή: Attic stairs of wooden composite material. Trap door with insulation of extruded polystyrene (λ = 0.035 W/(mk)) and coating of sheet metal. 3 - level airtightness-sealing (EPDM, TPE) and sorrounding insulation of mineral wool (λ = 0.035 W/(mk)). Installation in arctic climates requires installation frame for concrete-ceilings.

Frame cut Frame width
Frame U value
Uf/(W/(m2 K))
Glass edge Ψ-value
Ψg/(W/(m K))
Temperature factor
fRsi = 0,25 m2K/W
Bottom 30 1,01 0
Top 30 1,01 0
Lateral 30 1,01 0

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