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Construction system

Component id: 1746cs04
Manufacturer: Joaquin Hernandez Garcia SL
Category: Wall 
Construction type: Steel 
Window description of the system: Thermal simulations have been carried out with the SL82 window from Vekaplast Iberica, with Ug of 0,90 W/m²K. There are two installation types considered: type 01 is detailed so that the outer layer of insulation covers the window frame to the top and sides. The resulting Uw(installed)-value is 1,05 W/(m²K) meets the requirements for certification. Type 02 does not include the insulation to the outside of the frame and so does not meet the standard, however the value of 1,14 W/(m²K) is still a great improvement over typical detailing. 
Airtightness description of the system: Air tightness is ensured by a combination of airtight membrane and tape to the exterior of the innermost gypsum board. Windows and doors should be installed using flexible gaskets and connected to the airtight membrane using suitable tape. Penetrations in the form of cables, plumbing and ventilation ducts should be sealed using suitable gaskets and/or tape. 
Explanatory Note: - 
Climate zones: Warm, temperate
Remark: BlueFace is an enclosure system for homes in the category of lightweight façade, curtain wall, airtight, modular, self-supporting. It is designed in three modular layers. The inner layer consists of a metal substructure of laminated steel fixed to the main structure and G-EPS insulation (0,033 W/mK). The outer leaf consists of a 6 cm large format porcelain sandwich panel, interior technical panel and intermediate insulation (also G-EPS, 0,033 W/mK). The inner leaf consists of a sandwich of 11 cm of technical board on both sides with intermediate insulation (also G-EPS, 0,033 W/mK) and airtight connection to the interior. As a final closure for the interior, a layer of plasterboard finish is installed, thus ensuring the closure of all connections. As this certification pertains only to the external wall, point thermal bridges caused by structural columns were not included and must be considered separately.
Certified since: Jan. 24, 2022

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