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Construction system
Villa Nova Bausystem

Component id: 1074cs03
Manufacturer: Villa Nova Bouw bv
Category: Construction 
Construction type: Concrete Formwork 
Window: The calculations were carried out using the certified Aluplast Energeto 8000 window system. This is an insulated vinyl window system in which the reinforcement is made by glass fiber reinforced plastic webs. A 48 mm glazing (4/18/4/18/4) with the Swisspacer Ultimate spacer was used. The Ug value of the reference glazing was 0.70 W / (mK); for real life, glasses with lower U values are recommended. 
Airtightness: The OSB plate between the load bearing and installation level, in conjunction with various adhesive tapes, forms the air-tight plane of the walls. The connection to the membrane, which represents the airtight level of the roof (between the rafters and the installation level), is also made with a permanently elastic adhesive tape. The windows are connected to the airtight level of the wall by means of membranes in conjunction with suitable adhesive tapes. 
Illustration: The Passive House Institute has defined international component criteria for seven climate zones based on hygiene-, comfort- and affordability criteria. In principle, components which have been certified for climate zones with higher requirements may also be used in climates with less stringent requirements. This use might make sense in certain circunstances. 
Climate zones: Cool, temperate
Remark: The lightwight timber construction system with a cavity wall as exterior shell is installed on a HECTAR floorslab system, which is form poured concrete on a layer of 20cm EPS insulation. Mineral whool with a thermal conductivity of 0.035 W / (mK) is installed as a thermal insulation for the exterior walls in the 24 cm thick stud construction as well as in the 10 cm thick installation level. The reinforcement is ensured by an OSB board between the supporting and installation level. A plasterboard plate forms the inner layer of the installation level. The roof construction consists of wooden racks with the same insulation. On the outside, the insulation is finished with OSB panels; a membrane is arranged as a steam brake on the room side. Below this steam brake follows a 6 cm thick installation level, which is also equipped with the mentioned insulation. On the inner side, the construction is finished by a plaster board.

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