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Glazing edge bond
Glass fiber warm edge spacer bar

Image of 1779sp01: Glass fiber warm edge spacer bar
Component id: 1779sp01
Manufacturer: HengHua Chang Yao Building Materials technology Co,LTD
Edge resistance: 4,9 (m K/W)
Thermal Conductivity: 0,15 
Box Height: 6,5 
Climate zones: Antarctique
Description: Polimeric spacer bar reinforced with glass fibre and aluminium film as diffusion barrier. Height of spacer 6.5 mm, Equivalent thermal transmittance according to JC/T 2453 part 3: 0.15 W/(mK). Allowed sealants: PS, PU, Hotmelt and Silicone. Available spacer widths: 6-27 mm in steps of 1 mm.
Certified since: 13 septembre 2021

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