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Ventilation system (capacity > 600 m3/h)
CASA R9 Smart

Component id: 1592vl03
Manufacturer: Swegon Ilto Oy
Air flow range from… : 300 m3/h
To… : 850 m3/h
At external pressure: 177 Pa
Heat recovery rate: 77% 
Specific electric power: 0,36 Wh/m3
Humidity recovery: 0% 
Performance number: 11,7 
Available external pressure (with installed filters): 115 Pa
Sound level of unit: 51,1 dB(A)
Climate zones:

Acoustic duct

Outdoor air: 58,3 dB(A)
Supply air: 68,0 dB(A)
Extract air: 59,2 dB(A)
Exhaust air: 69,9 dB(A)

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