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ROCKWOOL™ PH Certified Steel Frame Wall

Identyfikator komponentu: 1411cs03
Producent: ROCKWOOL™
Kategoria: Budownictwo 
Typ konstrukcji: Stal 
Opis okna systemu: The certification was done with the PHI-certified window Universal Series PH from Cascadia, which is a phB-class window with triple 16 mm argon glazing. The window is installed at the outer semi-rigid insulation board ROCKWOOL CAVITYROCK®. 
Opis szczelności powietrznej systemu: The primary airtight layer in the walls and roofs is DELTA®-VENT SA, a fully adhered vapor permeable, air and water-resistive barrier installed on the exterior side of the exterior gypsum board. DELTA®-VENT SA is available with a variety of accessories to allow connection of DELTA®-VENT SA with other buildings components for airtight assembly. List of available accessories and details can be found at 
Explanatory Note: - 
Strefy klimatyczne: Cool, temperate
Uwaga: The construction system is built on a concrete floor slab supported by a rigid, high-density stone wool insulation board ROCKWOOL COMFORTBOARD™ 110 on the exterior side. The walls are constructed of 6" steel stud @ 406mm (16") o.c with R22 ROCKWOOL COMFORTBATT® substrate with 8" ROCKWOOL CAVITYROCK®, a semi-rigid vapor permeable exterior insulation, installed between thermally broken fibreglass clip system with stainless steel screw fasteners (or equal) at 406.4mm (16"). The exterior finish is a ventilated cladding. The interior finish is an interior gypsum board. The roof construction is formed with a high-density stone wool insulation board 9" ROCKWOOL TOPROCK® DD above a steel deck, supported by steel rafters, as appropriate. Technical data on the insulation materials can be found at
Certified since: 19 czerwca 2019

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