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LAB Design Construction System (Pilot certification for warm climate zone)

Komponenten-ID: 1722cs05
Hersteller: LAB Design
Kategorie: Bausystem 
Bauweise: Leicht 
Fensterbeschreibung des Systems: The certification was achieved with Logikwin 68 series for window and entrance door, both using Multitech Spacer. Although the threshold cut used for certification purposes does not reach the minimum surface temperature limit value, at the point where the construction system meets the threshold the hygiene criteria has been verified. 
Luftdichtheit des Systems: The system uses an external airtightness strategy which is suitable for many warm climate locations. Moisture analysis using WUFI should be considered for locations not yet tested. Airtightness of the system is achieved in the following way: windows and doors are installed with permanently elastic sealing materials and suitable airtight connection membranes and profiles. Airtightness in the opaque connections and build-ups is achieved through several suitable products from Proclima. The airtightness layer of the walls is the external airtight breathable membrane. The membrane is wrapped over the truss to form a continuous airtight envelope. Airtightness of the floor slab is achieved by the particle board flooring taped at all joins and connections with suitable tape. The connection between the windows and the airtight layer is made by multi function sealing strips. 
Beschreibung der opaken Gebäudehülle: With the LAB Design Construction System the winter time thermal insulation of buildings can be ensured. The system is constructed out of timber studs, battens and bulk insulation. The construction system is built on an insulated [Mineral wool 0.035 W/(mK)] suspended timber floor [Pine wood 500 Kg/m³ 0.13 W/(mK)] over a well ventilated crawl space. The wall structure is made out of timber studs and battens with bulk insulation [Mineral wool 0.035 W/(mK)] which allows for any cladding system as a rain screen. Roof construction is comprised by timber truss and bulk insulation [Mineral wool 0.035 W/(mK)] at the truss top chord level. A breathable membrane is installed on top of the timber truss prior ventilated layer and metal sheet roof. 
Klimazonen: Warm
Zertifiziert seit: 25. August 2021

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