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smartshell timberframe Japan

Komponenten-ID: 1884cs04
Hersteller: pro Passivhausfenster GmbH
Kategorie: Bausystem 
Bauweise: Holzleichtbau 
Fensterbeschreibung des Systems: The certification was done with the window smartwin with (1) tripple gllazing and (2) double glazing. Wall and window built a fusion. The window has no own outside layer as it is using the 9mm TBC board of the exterior wall for outside cladding. The shutter guide bar is forming the connection of TBC plate and exterior plaster. 
Luftdichtheit des Systems: The airtight plane of the exterior wall is formed by an airtight membrane between the installation and the insulation level. Along the bottom ceiling the concrete forms the airtight plane. Along the roof the airtight plane is formed by an airtight membrane between the gypsum board and the insulation level. 
Beschreibung der opaken Gebäudehülle: The construction system is based on the most used Japanese earthquake-resistant timber construction. It is built on a concrete floor slab insulated by XPS and containing a 300 mm crawl space, which is containing installations and ventilation pipes. The lightweight timber frame walls are constructed with solid studs at 45,5 cm centres with 9mm Japanese TBC plate to the outside and an installation area to the inside. An EPS layer with 100 mm forms the outside insulation, followed by organic compound plaster. The roof construction is formed with solid rafters at 92 cm spacings with 105 by 240 mm with 25 mm Japanese TBC plate to the outside and a 120 mm mineral wool insulation with 30 mm to 240 mm wooden slats to the inside. The false ceiling is made as a timber frame construction with a 300 mm free space for installation and ventilation pipes on bottom side. 
Klimazonen: Warm-gemäßigt
Zertifiziert seit: 15. Mai 2022

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