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Cardinal Endur 0.006"

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Cardinal Endur 0.006"

Certified since 01 Novembre 2021
Climate zone Freddo
Edge Resistance 3.9 (m K/W)


Stainless steel spacer, material thickness 0.15 mm, 14.2 W/(mK). Total height of spacer bar 7.9 mm. Glued to the glazing by butyl at the upper part of the bar and by silicone, 0.35 W/(mK) at the lower part. Height of silicone = Box 1: 4 mm, remaining height: 3.9 mm = Box 2. Ihe thermal conductivity of Box 2 was elaborated by PHI based on heat flow simulations.

Valid only with silicone as secondary sealant.


Cardinal IG Company

775 Prairie Center Drive #200
55344 Eden Prairie
United States of America