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Build Smart

Identyfikator komponentu: 0923cs03
Producent: Build Smart North America
Kategoria: Budownictwo 
Typ konstrukcji: Światło (drewno) 
Opis okna systemu: Certification was undertaken using Munster Joinery PassiV Future Proof uPVC frames, which are supplied as part of the system. The windows are tripleglazed and use Super Spacer TriSeal / T-Spacer Premium thermal values for the spacer, polyurethane secondary seals and argon-filled chambers. The frames use EPDM gasket seals, multiple chambers filled with air and EPS insulation, and a steel locking system. 0 
Opis szczelności powietrznej systemu: Air tightness is ensured by a combination of OSB panels within the wall structure, and air tightness tape at junctions between panels and around window and door reveals. 
Explanatory Note: - 
Strefy klimatyczne: Cool, temperate
Uwaga: The Build Smart lightweight timber construction system comprises pre-fabricated structural panels that include an air barrier, continuous exterior insulation, a water-resistive barrier and pre-installed, air-tightened windows and doors. The system comprises EPS and cellulose insulation, sandwiched between timber and gypsum panels fixed to vertical timber supports. The system is intended to be used with rainscreen cladding. Thermal conductivity values are taken from the relevant international standard.
Certified since: 13 czerwca 2016

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