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smartshell reno

Identyfikator komponentu: 0842es03
Producent: pro Passivhausfenster GmbH
Kategoria: EnerPHit Izolacja 
Typ konstrukcji: EnerPHit Izolacja 
Okno: The certification was done with the window smartwin solar I², which is a very slim phA-class window with triple 18 mm argon glazing, Swisspacer Ulti-mate spacer bar with PU secondary seal. A special feature of smatwin solar I² is, that the reveal becomes part of the windows frame. In No. 01, the window is installed in flush with the exterior plaster. In No. 02, it is installed deeper in the wall. In No. 03, the windows are installed right at the edge of the existing wall, see certification report. 
Szczelność powietrzna: The airtightness layer in the walls is the improved external plaster. The plaster and the windows as well as other junctions are connected via airtight-ness tapes. In the roof, an OSB-board at the room-side of the construction serves as airtightness lay-er. The boards are connected by an airtightness tape. 
Explanatory note: The Passive House Institute has defined international component criteria for seven climate zones based on hygiene-, comfort- and affordability criteria. In principle, components which have been certified for climate zones with higher requirements may also be used in climates with less stringent requirements. This use might make sense in certain circunstances. 
Strefy klimatyczne: Cool, temperate
Uwaga: The system is dedicated as an additional external insulation for existing buildings. For the certification it was assumed, that the flor slap is enhanced by a PU-foam insulation. The thermal quality of the walls is improved by an exterior insulation. A plastered wood fiber board is located on the very outside of the new insulation layer. It is connected to the existing walls via timber beams and punctual anchors. The space in between the old wall and the wood fiber board is filled with cellulose. An additional insulation layer outside the existing roof construction in combination with a cellulose infill insulation between the rafters reduces the thermal losses of the roof.

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