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Identyfikator komponentu: 1766cs02
Producent: WUDD Construction AB
Kategoria: Budownictwo 
Typ konstrukcji: Światło (drewno) 
Okno: The certification was done with the smartwin compact window with 86 mm frame width. 
Szczelność powietrzna: The airtightness layer in the walls is formed by laminated veneer lumber elements. In the roof an airtightness membrane forms the airtight layer. The connections are sealed by airtight tape. 
Ilustracja: The timber structure is built on a concrete floor slab insulated with cellular glass boards from below. The exterior walls are formed by laminated veneer lumber to which the wooden I-beams are attached and insulated with blown-in cellulose. The wood fiberboards serve as the windtight layer. The outer finish is vertical timber facade. The roof construction is formed by prefabricated roof trusses, insulated with blown-in cellulose. 
Strefy klimatyczne: Cold

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