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Alpen Tyrol Tilt/Turn

Certified since 7 декабря 2017 г.
Climate zone Прохладный, умеренный
Window Type Operable
Efficiency Class phB
Material PVC
UW 0,78 W/(m2K)


PVC frame, insulated by EPS-foam inserts (0,031 W/(mK)). Pane thickness: 47,2 mm (3/19,1/3/19,1/3), rebate depth: 15 mm, spacer: SuperSpacer Tri-Seal with polyurethane as secondary seal.

Имя Frame width U-Value Ψ-Value Frsi-Value
Mullion 2 casements 184 mm 0,80 W/(m²K) 0,023 W/(mK) 0,750
Bottom 115 mm 0,76 W/(m²K) 0,023 W/(mK) 0,750
Top 115 mm 0,76 W/(m²K) 0,023 W/(mK) 0,750
Lateral 115 mm 0,76 W/(m²K) 0,023 W/(mK) 0,750
6268 Monarch Park Place
VA 80503 Niwot, CO
United States of America

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