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Komponenten-ID: 1720cs03
Hersteller: Advanced Housing Systems Ltd.
Kategorie: Bausystem 
Bauweise: Holzleichtbau 
Fensterbeschreibung des Systems: Installation type 1 refers to the E98 Passive entrance door from Urban Front Ltd., in a fully opaque configuration; the Ud-installed value shown is based on a reference size of 1,1 by 2,2 m. Type 2 refers to the Ultra Insulated outward-opening window from Green Building Store, using a Ug-value of 0,70 W/(m²K) and based on a reference size of 1,23 by 1,48 m. Type 3 refers to the Primus Slide double sliding door from ENERsign GmbH. For the latter, the average frame values are shown and the mullion is excluded, but the actual installed Uw-value is shown. This is based on a reference size of 2,4 by 2,5 m and uses a Ug-value of 0,70 W/(m²K). 
Luftdichtheit des Systems: The Passive House level of airtightness is achieved by way of suitable membrane (SIGA Majrex 200), with joints sealed using appropriate airtightness tape. Windows and doors are installed using flexible gaskets and are connected to the airtight membrane using airtightness tape. Service penetrations are to be sealed using suitable gaskets or tape. 
Beschreibung der opaken Gebäudehülle: - 
Klimazonen: Kühl-gemäßigt
Zertifiziert seit: 29. Juli 2021

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