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Komponenten-ID: 1608rc04
Hersteller: BMI Roofing Systems
Kategorie: Dachsystem 
Bauweise: Massivbauweise mit WDVS 
Fensterbeschreibung des Systems: Analysis for the roof window installation was undertaken using FTT U8 Thermo 2012 window from Fakro (Uw = 0,87 W/m²K with Ug = 0,70 W/m²K), based on dimensions of 1,14 x 1,40 m, resulting in a Uw-installed value of 1,00 W/(m²K). Project-specific structural aspects may influence the installation; it is the responsibility of the architect to ensure the final geometry matches the simulations carried out. 
Luftdichtheit des Systems: Air tightness is achieved by the following procedure: roof windows are to be constructed with permanently elastic + tight materials. Internal surfaces are to be plastered over the entire surface; internal surfaces in lightweight construction are to be covered over the entire surface with continuous, airtight membranes and sealed with air tightness tape; windows are to be properly connected with suitable airtight window connection membranes or profiles. 
Beschreibung der opaken Gebäudehülle: - 
Klimazonen: Warm-gemäßigt
Zertifiziert seit: 29. Juli 2020

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