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Komponenten-Id: 1608rc04
Hersteller: BMI Roofing Systems
Kategorie: Dachsystem 
Konstruktions-Typ: Massivbauweise mit WDVS 
Fenster: Analysis for the roof window installation was undertaken using FTT U8 Thermo 2012 window from Fakro (Uw = 0,87 W/m²K with Ug = 0,70 W/m²K), based on dimensions of 1,14 x 1,40 m, resulting in a Uw-installed value of 1,00 W/(m²K). Project-specific structural aspects may influence the installation; it is the responsibility of the architect to ensure the final geometry matches the simulations carried out. 
Luftdichtheit: Air tightness is achieved by the following procedure: roof windows are to be constructed with permanently elastic + tight materials. Internal surfaces are to be plastered over the entire surface; internal surfaces in lightweight construction are to be covered over the entire surface with continuous, airtight membranes and sealed with air tightness tape; windows are to be properly connected with suitable airtight window connection membranes or profiles. 
Erläuterung: The TECTUM FIRST roof insulation system ensures both comprehensive weather proofing and Passive House standard thermal protection. The system is intended to be used with reinforced concrete construction with EIFS and comprises exterior insulation panels of phenolic foam (0,022 W/mK) installed using mechanical fixings. The latter are taken into account in the U-value calculation at 4 fixings per square metre - where this value is exceeded the U-value must be adjusted. The system has been assessed according to the Passive House Institute's criteria for roof systems and has been validated as suitable for Passive House projects in the warm-temperate and warm climate zones. 
Klimazonen: Warm-gemäßigt

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