designPH Privacy Policy

This should be read in conjunction with the general Privacy Policy of the Passive House Institute


designPH, and Your Privacy

We are dedicated to keeping your data private and secure. We are also committed to transparency, so we want you to understand the information we may collect from you and why we collect it.

The information we collect falls into three categories: 


1. Purchase Information

When you purchase or use one of our free products, we collect basic information provided by you to ensure a record of your purchase and entitlements.

2. Usage Information

We capture information that helps us understand your experience with designPH, so that we can continuously improve the Software and the features it offers.



3. Profile Information

We store information you provide to us to maintain a profile associated with your designPH account. We use this information to communicate with you, and we never share it with third parties unless you explicitly ask us to.

Below you can find a more detailed look at how our products and services utilize your data: 

What we collect

designPH validates the software license at the time of installation, and collects activation details when the product starts up. The activation details provide anonymized information regarding the environment the application is running in. Specifically, we capture the following:

designPH collects log information, which includes timestamps and IP addresses. designPH and SketchUp product information such as version, operating environment, and language is also collected.


Multi user licenses of designPH Pro and Edu also collect information to make sure that the software is used in compliance with the number of licenses purchased. If, for example, a user purchased a multi user license with 200 seats, we will count how many seats are currently being used and will allow 200 clients to run concurrently.

How we use that information

We use licence related data to validate software use and prevent piracy. We use metrics such as SketchUp and designPH product information to understand product usage and to improve the product’s performance.

How to access, update, and protect information

You can access your license information online,  from your user account. Updates to licenses must be made through the help of Passive House Institute staff or authorized reseller in order to protect the validity of the license. You can find supplemental product specific terms in the designPH end user license agreement.