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SoudaFrame SWI

Image of 1609pm02 SoudaFrame SWI: (Connection)
Component id: 1609pm02
Manufacturer: Soudal N.V.
Κατηγορία: Connection
Material: None
UW: 0,60 W/(m2 K)
Efficiency class: phA
Spacer: PHI phA Spacer
Climate zones: Ψυχρή
Περιγραφή: Window mounting system made from GRP (0,19 W/(mK)), system width 90, 130 160, 200 mm. Assembly by way of adhesive and mechanical fixing. Additional thermal losses by reinforcing brackets made from steel determined by 3D heat flux simulation. Losses are to be inlcuded where the load exceeds a certain level, see certification report.
Certified since: 11/09/2020

Frame cut Frame width
Frame U-value
W/(m2 K)
Glass edge Ψ-value
W/(m K)
Temperature factor
fRsi = 0.25 m2K/W
Bottom 125 0,62 0,020 0,79
Top 125 0,62 0,020 0,79
Lateral 125 0,62 0,020 0,79

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