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The Passive House Institute enables easy comparison through total transparency in the testing procedures. The products certified by the Institute are regularly many times more energy efficient than typical components currently available on the market.
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Criteria for certification

The Passive House Institute stands for quality and transparency. Extensive testing procedures ensure the quality of the certified Passive House components. Here you can view the criteria for certification and convince yourself of the high testing standards.

Transparent Components EN | DE | ES
Sun protection, fall protection and window installation systems EN | DE
Spacer EN | DE
Attic staircase EN | DE
Construction Systems EN | DE
Façade Anchor EN | DE
Column connection and wall junction EN | DE
Airtightness systems EN | DE
Balkonanschluss DE
Small ventilation systems requirements and testing protocol EN | DE
Large ventilation systems requirements and testing protocol DE
Compact units EN | DE
Drain water heat recovery EN | DE


EnerPHit insulation systems (for retrofits) EN | DE
Equivalent thermal conductivities EN
Interior insulation systems DE
Supplementary sheet moisture Recovery EN | DE
Supplementary sheet Frost Protection EN | DE
Supplementary sheet efficiency ratio EN | DE
Supplementary sheet hot and very hot climates EN | DE
Requirements and testing procedures for single-room ventilation EN | DE
Statement to the transition of classification of air filters EN | DE
Air to air heat pumps EN
Statement interpretation of certificates EN | DE
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Get your components certified
The market for highly energy-efficient buildings is on the rise. Take part in this growth by getting your components certified! You will gain from our expert guidance and the acknowledgment of the "Passive House component" seal, which will enhance your market visibility. As an unbiased institute, we guarantee a dependable assesment of your product. In practice, this aspect is crucial for the actual energy efficiency of your project. All certified components are listed in our component database and can be seamlessly integrated into the PHPP planing tool.
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Passive House and highly energy efficient components are the future of building.
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Component database 2.0!
Discover the exciting new features
We are delighted to announce that we have completely rebuilt the component database to offer you an enhanced user experience! Find the ideal components for your project quickly and efficiently thanks to many new categorisation options. Good to know: All URLs stay the same so you don’t need to adjust any websites linking to the previous version of the component database. Besides the improved performance, the new database offers you these cool new features:
  • Easily identify relevant components and manufacturers thanks to the improved search function
  • Bookmark your favourite components to find them more quickly next time
  • Strategically filter components based on many different variables
  • Compare components to find the best match for your needs
  • Enhance your logistics: A voluntary built-in function now sorts the filters based on the climate zone, countries where the relevant components are available as well as the geographic distance between resellers and your project location
  • Get a better overview of what’s new on the PH market: The most recently certified products appear on the landing page
We hope you enjoy this upgrade! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to get in touch with us!