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Construction system

Component id: 1868cs04
Manufacturer: Hormipresa Nec SI
Category: Wall system 
Construction type: Solid (Prefabricated) 
Window description of the system: For the purposes of certification a standard passive house window (Uw = 1,00 W/m²K with Ug = 0,90 W/m²K) was used. The overall U-value of the installed window of standard size (1,23 m wide by 1,48 m tall) should be no more than 0,05 W/m²K greater than the Uw to ensure occupant comfort - this criteria is met in this instance. 
Airtightness description of the system: Airtightness of the system is achieved in the following way: windows and doors are taped with Iso-Connect Inside Blue Line airtight tapes. The airtight layer of the wall and floor slab is the rein-forced concrete layer. In the roof, the airtight layer is the hollow-core slab. Joints between panels and connections with other building elements are sealed with Sikaflex 11-FC elastomeric sealant and painted with Soudal Soudatight SP airtight paint. 
Description of the opaque building envelope: - 
Climate zones: Warm, temperate
Certified since: April 24, 2022

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