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Construction system

Component id: 1810wa03
Manufacturer: ICF Moulding B.V.
Category: Wall 
Construction type: Concrete Formwork 
Window: The windows, Enersign Primus, are made of spruce/fir frame (0.11 W/(mK)), insulated on the outside with thermoplastic foam and finished with aluminium. A 48 mm glazing and SWISSPACER Ultimate where taken into account. The window represents a very good energy-standard in itself. Connection details with a strong and rigid EPS-foam, Compacfoam, leads to low thermal bridges and high inner surface temperatures. 
Airtightness: The in situ concrete floor construction, the interior plaster and the OSB boards in the roof are the airtight layer. The airtight connections between floor-outside walls, outside wall-roof and outside wall-windows are provided by properly applied Cantex, a multifunctional liquid rubber. 
Explanatory note: - 
Climate zones: Cool, temperate

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