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Construction system

Component id: 1509cs03
Manufacturer: Lebensraum Holz GmbH
Category: Construction 
Construction type: Light (Wood) 
Window: The certification was done with the PHI timber-integral example-window (1). Besides that, additional calculation were made for OPTIWIN RESISTA (2). 
Airtightness: Airtightness layer formed by membrane between the load bearing- and the insulation layer in the walls. In the roof between installation- and insulation layer. All connections incl. windows by air tightness tape. 
Illustration: - 
Climate zones: Cool, temperate
Remark: Double layer timber construction on externally insulated floor plate. Inner layer load bearing, insu-lated by wood fiber. Cladded by gypsum plaster board. 24 mm timber layer between load bearing and insulation layer. Insulation layer formed by I-beams, filled with cel-lulose. Plaster able wood fiber board, finished by organic compound plaster to the outside. Roof made of a combination of massive timber rafters and I-beams, filled with cellulose. Wood fiber board to the outside, installation layer with gypsum plaster board to the interior.

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