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Construction system

Component id: 0840cs03
Category: Construction 
Construction type: Solid (Wood) 
Window: The certification was done with the window smart-win solar I, which is a very slim phA-class window with triple 18 mm argon glazing, Swisspacer Ulti-mate spacer bar with PU secondary seal. A special feature of smatwin solar I is, that the reveal be-comes part of the windows frame. In No. 01, the window is installed in flush with the exterior plaster. In No. 02, it is installed deeper in the wall, see certi-fication report. 
Airtightness: The airtightness layer in walls and roof are OSB-boards, connected by airtightness tapes. The junctions of the components are also taped together. The airtightness layer in the walls is between the solid timber and the insulation layer. 
Illustration: The Passive House Institute has defined international component criteria for seven climate zones based on hygiene-, comfort- and affordability criteria. In principle, components which have been certified for climate zones with higher requirements may also be used in climates with less stringent requirements. This use might make sense in certain circunstances. 
Climate zones: Cool, temperate
Remark: The construction system is built on a concrete floor slab supported completely by ISOQUICK Insulation. The walls are constructed with solid wood with additional insulation layer by timber studs and cellulose. The roof construction is formed with timber beams, inside is an OSB-board as airtightness layer, than an additional wood fibre board and cross battens with gypsum plaster board mounted.

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