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Entry door
TSH Passivhaus-Außentür

Image of 0835ed03: Door
Component id: 0835ed03
Manufacturer: TSH System GmbH
Surface material: Timber 
Door type: Door 
How to open: Inside 
UD: 0.46 (W/m2 K)
Ufilling: 0.336 (W/m2 K)
Uglass: - (W/m2 K)
ψglass border: - (W/m K)
Climate zones: Cool, temperate
Description: Door frame made of wood profiles (spruce 0,11 W/(mK)) insulated with soft wood fiber insulation (0,040 or 0,050 W/(mK)); door leaf insulation: PU-foam 0.028 W/(mK), threshold: thermally separated aluminum profile, the temperature factor requirement is not met at the threshold
Certified since: Dec. 4, 2015

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