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Fixed Flat

Image of 1153sk03: Skylight
Component id: 1153sk03
Manufacturer: Roof Maker Ltd.
Category: Skylight
Material: Aluminium
UW: 0.93 W/(m2 K)
Efficiency class: phB
Spacer: Super Spacer TriSeal / T-Spacer Premium
Climate zones: Cool, temperate
Description: Fixed skylight with aluminium facing shell. Insulation made of EPS (0.038 W/(mK)). Pane thickness: 50 mm (6/16/6/16/6), rebate depth: varies, spacer: SuperSpacer Tri-Seal
Remark: Not openable

Frame cut Frame width
Frame U value
Uf/(W/(m2 K))
Glass edge Ψ-value
Ψg/(W/(m K))
Temperature factor
fRsi = 0,25 m2K/W
Bottom 90 0.88 0.049 0.74
Top 90 0.88 0.049 0.74
Lateral 90 0.88 0.049 0.74

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