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Ventilation system (capacity < 600 m3/h)
ComfoAir180 (V) HRV, ComfoD180 (V) HRV

Image of 0702vs03: ComfoAir180 (V) HRV, ComfoD180 (V) HRV
Component id: 0702vs03
Manufacturer: Zehnder Group Nederland B.V.
Air flow range from: 90 m3/h
To: 145 m3/h
Heat recovery rate: 82 %
Specific electric power: 0.27 Wh/m3
Efficiency ratio: 0.64
Humidity recovery: 0 %
Sound level of unit: 43.0 dB(A)
Climate zones: Cool, temperate


Internal leakage: 1.05 %
External leakage: 0.95 %

Acoustic duct

Outdoor air: 41.2 dB(A)
Supply air: 52.4 dB(A)
Extract air: 43.7 dB(A)
Exhaust air: 53.1 dB(A)

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