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Greensee Passive energy-saving Window

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Greensee Passive energy-saving Window

Certified since Dec. 14, 2022
Climate zone Cool, temperate
Type Operable
Efficiency Class phC
Material Aluminium
UW 0.80 W/(m2K)
Open type Inward opening


Aluminium frame with thermal separation (low lambda PA 0.21 W/(mK))and insulation (Kooltherm 0.022 W/(mK) and XPE 0.045 W/(mK)); Pane thickness: 50 mm (6/16/6/16/6); Rebate depth: 15 mm; Spacer: Technoform-Spacer SP16; Secondary sealing: Silicone

Name Frame width U-Value Ψ-Value Frsi-Value
Transom 1 casement 187 mm 0.77 W/(m²K) 0.032 W/(mK) 0.770
Bottom 150 mm 0.77 W/(m²K) 0.033 W/(mK) 0.770
Top 150 mm 0.77 W/(m²K) 0.033 W/(mK) 0.770
Lateral 150 mm 0.77 W/(m²K) 0.033 W/(mK) 0.770
No. 10, Lantian North Road, XingSha Industrial Area
410000 Changsha

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