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Schody strychowe
Feuerschutz-Passivhaus-Bodentreppe mit Anschluss-System

Image of 1069ah02: Schody strychowe
Identyfikator komponentu: 1069ah02
Producent: Wellhöfer Treppen GmbH & Co. KG
Kategoria: Schody strychowe
Materiał: Drewno
UW: 0,45 W/(m2 K)
Strefy klimatyczne: Cold
Opis: Coated chipboard (λ = 0.136 W/(mK)) with insulation panel (λ = 0.039 W/(mK)) with two EPDM sealings between frame and insulation panel. In order to reduce the thermal bridge of the installation and to enable the fire resistance of the construction, the supplied FS-PH-connection-system comprising sealing, jointplait and insulation filling (λ = 0.033 W/(mK)) is installed at the structural connection.
Certified since: 12 kwietnia 2017

Cięcie w ramie Szerokość ramy
Frame U-value
W/(m2 K)
Glass edge Ψ-value
W/(m K)
Współczynnik temperatury
fRsi = 0.25 m2K/W
Dół 38 0,47 0
Góra 38 0,47 0
BOCZNY 38 0,47 0

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