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Identyfikator komponentu: 0993cs03
Producent: ISO SPAN Baustoffwerk GmbH
Kategoria: Budownictwo 
Typ konstrukcji: Szalunki betonowe 
Opis okna systemu: The certification was achieved with the window Optiwin PURISTA. Variant 01 is showing this window. V02 is similar to V01 but with a shutter box at the top installation situation of the window. Because of the higher thermal bridge of the shutter box, the criterion Uw,installed is not achieved. this can be compensated by a better glazing. V03 shows the thermal values of Gaulhofer Fusion Line. The comfort criterium is missed by far. Mayby, this ca be compensated by a high performance glazing. This shuld be tested in any individual case. 
Opis szczelności powietrznej systemu: The interior plaster works as the airtightness layer of the interior walls. In the roof a film provides the airtightness layer. It is connected to the plaster via airtightness tapes. The windows are connected in the same way. In the bottom, the concrete floor slab serves as airtightness layer. 
Explanatory Note: - 
Strefy klimatyczne: Cool, temperate
Uwaga: The walls are erected using a formwork system form wood fibre conkrete (36,5 cm), which is filled by resolic insulation (16,5 cm, 0,023 W/(mK)) and concrete (12 cm). Walls are plastered in- and outside. The roof is insulated in between the rafers with 41 cm Wood-fibre insulation (0,04 W/(mK)). Inside covering: Gypsum board on OSB-board. Outside: Timber boards under ventilated slates. Concrete floor slab on XPS insulation.
Certified since: 12 grudnia 2016

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