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Passivhaus External Wall System

Identyfikator komponentu: 1236cs04
Producent: Knauf Insulation S. L.
Kategoria: Ściana użytkownika 
Typ konstrukcji: Stal 
Opis okna systemu: Analysis was undertaken using a generic, passive house-standard timber-framed, triple-glazed window unit, featuring phA thermal values for the spacer and a polysulfide secondary seal. The calculations undertaken demonstrate that the window installation locations are suited to the warm-temperate climate zone, with no risk of surface condensation and subsequent mould growth. 
Opis szczelności powietrznej systemu: The airtightness of the construction system is achieved through the use of a SIGA Majrex airtight membrane fitted to the insterior of the steel frame, to the inside of a plasterboard layer. For the junctions between membrane sections and connections to openings and the floor slab, SIGA Sicrall adhesive tape is used. 
Explanatory Note: - 
Strefy klimatyczne: Warm, temperate
Uwaga: The Passivhaus External Wall System is a lightweight steel system, designed by Knauf GmbH Sucursal en España, Knauf Insulation S.L., and SIGA, comprising Knauf 100/50 mm steel C-sections and Knauf 48/35 mm steel C-sections filled with Knauf Insulation Ultracoustic 035 (0,035 W/mK) and closed with Knauf Gypsum board between cavities, double Knauf Gypsum board internally and Knauf Aquapanel Outdoor Board externally. The system is further insulated externally with 160mm of Knauf Insulation Naturoll 032 (0,032 W/mK), fixed with steel angles to Knauf Aquapanel Outdoor Board; these also function as fasteners for a rainscreen facade. The system is to be used with a reinforced concrete floor slab, insulated to the underneath with rigid XPS insulation (0,035 W/mK) and internally with Ultracoustic Suelo TP by Knauf Insulation (0,037 W/mK); the roof deck is a flat reinforced concrete slab, insulated to the outside with Knauf Naturoll 032. The system has undergone analysis by the Passive House Institute against the thermal performance criteria for construction systems, and has been deemed suitable for the construction of passive houses in both warm-temperate and warm climates. The ceiling connection does not meet the efficiency criteria of <0,01 W/mK, however this is typical for such details and, because the hygiene criterion is met, the system has been deemed certifiable.
Certified since: 10 września 2018

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