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THERM+50 FS-I Glasdach

Identyfikator komponentu: 1021ic03
Producent: RAICO Bautechnik GmbH
Kategoria: Dach szklany
Materiał: Stal / Aluminium
UW: 0,84 W/(m2 K)
Klasa efektywności: phA
Odstęp: SWISSPACER Ultimate
Strefy klimatyczne: Cool, temperate
Opis: Construction: Steel aluminum curtain wall with insulation in the glazing rebate (0.038 W/(mK)). Pane thickness: 48,76 mm (6/14/6/14/8,76), rebate depth: 12 mm, spacer: SWISSPACER Ultimate. Different versions of pressureplate, coverstrip and insulating material are available and have been evaluated. These values can be provided by the system provider and the PHI on request. The glazing was calculated with a 3 mm secondary seal. As it is often the case that this is thicker, today the calculation is carried out with a 6 mm secondary seal. This leads to a higher glazing edge thermal bridge, which can also be estimated by way of the spacer certificates: / glazing edge bonds. The higher rates of heat loss can be compensated for by using e. g. improved glazing.
Certified since: 12 stycznia 2017

Cięcie w ramie Szerokość ramy
Frame U-value
W/(m2 K)
Glass edge Ψ-value
W/(m K)
Współczynnik temperatury
fRsi = 0.25 m2K/W
Szpros stały 50 0,97 0,039 0,77
Stała pawęż 50 1,02 0,039 0,77
Rygiel 1 skrzydło 95 1,72 0,041 0,70
Dół stała 50 1,06 0,038 0,76
Górna Ustalone 50 1,06 0,038 0,76
Boczna stała 50 1,02 0,038 0,77

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