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Zero | 90 Tilt & Turn

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Zero | 90 Tilt & Turn

Certified since 2022年11月4日
气候区 冷,温度
类型 可打开
能效阶级 phB
材料 PVC
UW 0.80 W/(m2K)
打开种类 向内打开


PVC window frame, insulated by phenolic foam (Kingspan Kooltherm, 0,022 W/(mK)). Maximum unit size without reinforcement is 1.5m by 1.5m. No colour restrictions. Pane thickness: 48 mm (4/18/4/18/4), rebate depth: 20 mm. Spacer: SuperSpacer Premium with butyl secondary seal.

名称 边宽高度 U值 Ψ-Value Frsi-Value
立柱1 125 mm 0.83 W/(m²K) 0.022 W/(mK) 0.728
下横框 112 mm 0.86 W/(m²K) 0.022 W/(mK) 0.736
上横框 112 mm 0.86 W/(m²K) 0.022 W/(mK) 0.734
侧面 112 mm 0.86 W/(m²K) 0.022 W/(mK) 0.734

Liniar Ltd.

Flamstead House, Denby Hall Business Park
DE5 8JX Derby
United Kingdom


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