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Attic staircase

Image of 1053ah03: Attic Staircase
Component id: 1053ah03
Manufacturer: Roto Frank Treppen GmbH
Category: Attic Staircase
Material: Timber
UW: 0.63 W/(m2 K)
Climate zones: Cool, temperate
Description: PU - high performance insulation (0.024 W/(mK)) betweeen two thin coated chipboard panels. 6-point windowframe-locking with circumferential TPE-gasket. Metal-fittings mounted at the hatch box of chipboard. In order to reduce the thermal bridge of the installation, a polystyrene-particle foam granulate (0.033 W/(mK)) is inserted in the joint.
Certified since: March 13, 2017

Frame cut Frame width
Frame U-value
W/(m2 K)
Glass edge Ψ-value
W/(m K)
Temperature factor
fRsi = 0.25 m2K/W
Bottom 35 0.93 0
Top 35 0.93 0
Lateral 35 0.93 0

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