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Construction system
BEMO-Thermohalter Softdach

Component id: 1642rc03
Manufacturer: BEMO Systems GmbH
Category: Roof 
Construction type: Steel 
Window: The analysis was carried out for a Lamilux skylight: an openable glass skylight (Usk = 0.97 W / m²K with Ug = 0.71 W / m²K) based on the dimensions 1.5 x 1.5 m. It is installed using an upstand. The calculations show that the installation situations are suitable for the cool, temperate climate zone, without the risk of surface condensation and mold formation. 
Airtightness: The airtightness is achieved by the following procedure: Skylights with curbs are adapted airtight to the outer roof cladding. Inner surfaces made airtight by applying a vapor barrier to the profiled sheets (supporting shells). Components: BEMO DS 3, cold selfadhesive, fire-load-reduced vapor barrier membrane made of a reinforced aluminum composite film, accessible and penetration-proof, sd value:> 1,500 On rising components, run up to the upper edge of the insulation and fix mechanically if necessary. Absorbent substrates (connection areas) must be pretreated with a primer. Longitudinal seams are to bearranged on the top chord, transverse joints are to be underlaid. 
Explanatory note: - 
Climate zones: Cool, temperate

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