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Construction system
Izodom Complete Passive System

Component id: 1160cs02
Manufacturer: Izodom 2000 Polska z. o. o.
Category: Construction 
Construction type: Concrete Formwork 
Window: Analysis was undertaken using a generic, passive house standard timber-framed, triple-glazed window unit, featuring phA thermal values for the spacer and a polysulfide secondary seal. The calculations undertaken demonstrate that the window installation locations are suited to the warm-temperate climate zone, with no risk of surface condensation and subsequent mould growth. 
Airtightness: The interior plaster works as the airtightness layer of the interior walls. In the roof a membrane provides the airtightness layer, which is connected to the plaster via airtightness tapes. The windows are connected in the same way. In the bottom, the concrete floor slab serves as airtightness layer. 
Illustration: The Passive House Institute has defined international component criteria for seven climate zones based on hygiene-, comfort- and affordability criteria. In principle, components which have been certified for climate zones with higher requirements may also be used in climates with less stringent requirements. This use might make sense in certain circunstances. 
Climate zones: Cool, temperate
Remark: The Izodom Complete Passive System is a concrete formwork construction system, insulated with 200mm thick EPS forms for the external walls, 250mm thick EPS roof panels and a combination of 250mm thick EPS and 100mm thick XPS panels in the floor slab. The roof structure takes the form of timber joists and counter battens. The system has undergone analysis by the Passive House Institute against the thermal performance criteria for cool-temperate climate zones, and although the ceiling connection detail does not quite meet the efficiency criteria, the system has been deemed suitable for the construction of passive houses in both cool-temperate and warm-temperate climates.

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