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Construction system
Net-Zero Modular Passivhaus System

Image of 1902cs02: Net-Zero Modular Passivhaus System
Component id: 1902cs02
Manufacturer: Net-Zero Modular Inc.
Category: Construction system 
Construction type: Steel 
Window description of the system: Windows are placed in the insulation layer on the outside surface of the main support layer. For the connection of the window to the main support structure a block of wood is used. For the certification a passive house suitable window was used. All calculation were carried out using a triple pane wood-aluminum window. 
Airtightness description of the system: Airtightness is ensured by using the fibre cement board on the outside of the main support layer. The connections of the modules and to the windows are to be sealed with airtight tape. 
Description of the opaque building envelope: The system is made of a main support layer made from steel tubing (120 mm x 120 mm) forming the modules with a fibre cement board on the outside. On the inside of this main support layer is an insulated installation layer made from gypsum fibre boards and standard drywall construction profiles. The main insulation of the system is glued to the outside of the fibre cement board. For the floor a sandwich panel with insulation inside is used on the inside of the main support structure. The modules are placed on an insulated slab. The main support layer of the floor therefore does not contain any insulation. It is only placed below the concrete slab and in the sandwich panel on top of the main support layer. For the roof a sandwich panel is used on the top surface of the main support structure and additional insulation placed on top of this. The system is designed to be produced offsite and then carried onto the jobsite module by module. Through the construction with steel buildings with multiple stories are possible. 
Climate zones: Cold
Description: Modular prefabricated steel construction system for the cold climate
Certified since: July 22, 2022

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