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PVC Piva Serie MD R fix

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PVC Piva Serie MD R fix

Certified since Nov. 8, 2019
Climate zone Warm, temperate
Type Fixed
Sub Type
Efficiency Class phC
Material PVC
UW 0.94 W/(m2K)
Open type


PVC-windowframe ingrated roller shutter. Reinforced by steel inside the bottom and lateral sash as well as in the top frame. Insulated by EPS (0.035 W/(mK)). Pane thickness: 48 mm (4/18/4/18/4), rebate depth: 18 mm. Spacer: Multitech.

Name Frame width U-Value Ψ-Value Frsi-Value
Mullion Fixed 98 mm 1.24 W/(m²K) 0.025 W/(mK) 0.690
Mullion 1 casement 132 mm 1.24 W/(m²K) 0.026 W/(mK) 0.670
Bottom Fixed 82 mm 0.73 W/(m²K) 0.026 W/(mK) 0.710
Top fixed 328 mm 0.94 W/(m²K) 0.025 W/(mK) 0.690
Lateral fixed 82 mm 0.73 W/(m²K) 0.026 W/(mK) 0.710

Piva Group S.p.A.

Via Roma, 139
37060 Roncanova di Gazzo Veronese (VR)

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