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Glass roof
Highline PH

Component id: 1807ic03
Manufacturer: INDU LIGHT Produktion & Vertrieb GmbH
Categoría: Glass Roof
Material: Aluminium
UW: 0,93 W/(m2 K)
Efficiency class: phA
Climate zones: Frío, templado
Descripción: Aluminium glazed roof with XPS insulation and stainless steel glass bearings. Screw and glass bearing losses were determined by 3D thermal flux analysis (PHI). Glazing: 6/16/6/18/8 mm with LSG to the interior. Edge bond: MULTITECH G with polysulfide secondary seal.

Frame cut Frame width
Frame U value
Uf/(W/(m2 K))
Glass edge Ψ-value
Ψg/(W/(m K))
Temperature factor
fRsi = 0,25 m2K/W
Mullion Fixed 60 0,84 0,043 0,74
Transom Fixed 60 0,86 0,046 0,74
Bottom Fixed 60 0,88 0,046 0,74
Top Fixed 60 0,88 0,046 0,74
Lateral Fixed 60 0,86 0,043 0,74

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