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Nauheimer Dunkelklappe

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Nauheimer Dunkelklappe

Certified since 10 de mayo de 2017
Climate zone Frío
Tipo Skylight
Efficiency Class phA+
Material GFRP
UW 0,25 W/(m2K)
Open type


Glassfibre reinforced plastic frame, insulated by 150 mm Polyurethanfoam (0,028 W/(mK)). Note: The thermal quality of the system depends significantly on the installation situation. Therefor, the bottom-element should be covered with insulation as good as possible.

Nombre Frame width U-Value Ψ-Value Frsi-Value
Bottom 127 mm 0,37 W/(m²K) 0,000 W/(mK) 0,760
Top 127 mm 0,37 W/(m²K) 0,000 W/(mK) 0,760
Lateral 127 mm 0,37 W/(m²K) 0,000 W/(mK) 0,760

Hans Börner GmbH & Co. KG

Rudolf -Diesel Strasse 8
64569 Nauheim

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