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Defender 88PH+ Pro Terrace Door

Certified since 23 Agosto 2021
Climate zone Freddo, temperato
Tipo Operable
Sub Type
Efficiency Class phC
Material PVC
UW 0,80 W/(m2K)
Open type Inward opening


PVC frame with steel reinforcement and EPS insulation (Bach EPS F-040, 0,041 W/(mK) and EPS (0,032 W/(mK)) and Spaceloft insulation (0.016 W/(mK). The maximum size of the window with this reinforcement is 1,31 m x 2,60 m. Pane thickness 46 mm (4/17/4/17/4), rebate depth 20 mm. Spacer: SuperSpacer Premium with butyl secondary seal. There are no limitations on colour.

Nome Frame width U-Value Ψ-Value Frsi-Value
Mullion 1 casement 261 mm 0,83 W/(m²K) 0,022 W/(mK) 0,740
Bottom 152 mm 0,84 W/(m²K) 0,022 W/(mK) 0,738
Top 166 mm 0,80 W/(m²K) 0,022 W/(mK) 0,738
Lateral 166 mm 0,80 W/(m²K) 0,022 W/(mK) 0,738
27452, 52nd Avenue
V4W 4B2 Langley, BC

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