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ZNC Arctic

Certified since 12 Ottobre 2015
Climate zone Freddo
Tipo Connection
Efficiency Class phB
Material Timber / Aluminium
UW 0,64 W/(m2K)


Timber-Aluminum frame (Spruce/fir 0,11 W/(mK)), insulated by PU-foam (0,044 W/(mK)). Glazing: 4/18/4/18/4. Spacer: SuperSpacer Tri-Seal with butyl as secondary seal.

Nome Frame width U-Value Ψ-Value Frsi-Value
Flying Mullion 134 mm 0,72 W/(m²K) 0,023 W/(mK) 0,750
Bottom 110 mm 0,73 W/(m²K) 0,023 W/(mK) 0,750
Top 110 mm 0,73 W/(m²K) 0,023 W/(mK) 0,750
Lateral 110 mm 0,73 W/(m²K) 0,023 W/(mK) 0,750

Zola Windows

1169 Hilltop Parkway unit 201
CO 80487 Steamboat Springs
United States of America

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