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VISS HI (60 mm)

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VISS HI (60 mm)

Certified since 2020年5月18日
气候区 冷,温度
窗户种类 玻璃顶
能效阶级 phA
材料 密封/铝
UW 0.93 W/(m2K)


Steel glazed roof with PE isolator (0,038 W/(mK)); aluminium pressure plate and exterior capping. Plastic glass carrier on stainless steel bolts. Thermally insulated screws. Losses by screws and glass carrier were determined by 3d-thermal flux analysis (PHI). Glazing: 10/14/5/14/8 mm, with one pane of laminated safety glass to the interior. Edge bond: SWISSPACER Ultimate with polysulfide secondary seal.

名称 边宽高度 U值 Ψ-Value Frsi-Value
立柱固定 60 mm 0.77 W/(m²K) 0.052 W/(mK) 0.753
横梁固定 60 mm 0.77 W/(m²K) 0.052 W/(mK) 0.733
下横框固定 60 mm 0.79 W/(m²K) 0.052 W/(mK) 0.731
上横框固定 60 mm 0.79 W/(m²K) 0.052 W/(mK) 0.731
侧柱 60 mm 0.79 W/(m²K) 0.051 W/(mK) 0.751

Jansen AG

Postfach 220
9463 Oberriet SG


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