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Brunkhorst Passiv 98 Portal

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Brunkhorst Passiv 98 Portal

Certified since Jan. 1, 2000
Climate zone Cool, temperate
Surface Material Timber
Door Type Door
How to open Inside
UW 0.60 W/(m2K)


Door frame made of wood and wooden-based materials; Door leaf insulation: PU-foam 0.030 W/(mK); Threshold: thermally separated aluminum profile, the temperature factor requirement is not met at the threshold.

Name Frame width U-Value Ψ-Value Frsi-Value
Door hinge side 119 mm 0.92 W/(m²K) 0.001 W/(mK)
Door lock side 201 mm 0.92 W/(m²K) 0.001 W/(mK)
Top 119 mm 0.92 W/(m²K) 0.001 W/(mK)
Threshold 129 mm 1.26 W/(m²K) 0.001 W/(mK)
Wiesenweg 8
27446 Anderlingen

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