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Entry door
Standard Arctic

Image of 1483ds03 Standard Arctic: Door system
Component id: 1483ds03
Manufacturer: Zaklad Stolarki Budowlanej CAL
Surface material: Timber 
Door type: Door system 
How to open: Inside 
UD: 0.76 (W/m2 K)
Ufilling: 0.334 (W/m2 K)
Uglass: - (W/m2 K)
ψglass border: - (W/m K)
Climate zones: Cool, temperate
Description: Timber doorset (pine, 0,13 W/(mK)) insulated with PIR (Corafoam HPT 35, 0,022 W/(mK); 25% surcharge added to declared value = 0,028 W/(mK)). Sidelights (4/24/4/24/12) and glass door filling (4/27/10/27/10) use Ug = 0,50 W/(m²K) with SWISSPACER Ultimate and polysulfide secondary seal. The required temperature factor at the locking side is not met, nevertheless, these values are much better than usual. Beyond the requirements, airtightness class 3 according to EN 12207 is achieved.
Certified since: Dec. 17, 2019

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