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Airtightness systems

Picture Component name Manufacturer Ef­fi­ciency class Type Per­meab­il­ity Stand­ard de­vi­ation Sys­tem com­pon­ents Climate zones
Picture Component name Manufacturer Ef­fi­ciency class Type Per­meab­il­ity/m3/(m h) Stand­ard de­vi­ation/m3/(m h) Sys­tem com­pon­ents Climate zones
Image of ISO-BLOCO ONE (3-18 mm) ISO-BLOCO ONE (3-18 mm) ISO-Chemie GmbH phA Window Connection 0.17 m3/(m h) 0.01 m3/(m h) Multi-Function Sealing Strips "ISO-BLOCO ONE", In-Front-Of-Wall Installation System "ISO-TOP WINFRAMER" Independent
Image of SIGA Majrex SIGA Majrex SIGA Cover AG phA Surface Air Sealing 0.02 m3/(m2h) 0.002 m3/(m2h) Airtight membrane „SIGA Majrex“ Self-adhesive Tape „SIGA Sicrall 60“ Self-adhesive Tape „SIGA Fentrim 20 50/85” Independent
Image of SMARTPLY PROPASSIV SMARTPLY PROPASSIV MEDITE SMARTPLY phA Surface Air Sealing 0.01 m3/(m2h) 0.04 m3/(m2h) Wood comoposite boards SMARTPLY PROPASSIV, Air tightness tapes ISOCELL AIRSTOP FLEX or eqiv. Independent